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 Competition Event Safety Measures & Guidelines 2021

Download a PDF of these Covid Safety Measures HERE

From all of us at Mark of Excellence National Talent Competition, we want to take a moment to let you and your dance families know that we have been in constant contact with our city venues across the country.

The Mark of Excellence website will stay current and updated allowing you the latest and most accurate information.

Mark of Excellence National Talent is excited and looking forward to our 2021 season! We are working with our venue partners on safety measures and guidelines for all our attendees. We want to promote a healthy and safe environment for everyone during our competition. We will be updating any changes, as necessary. We look forward to working together to create a safe and wonderful weekend of competition.We are continuing to follow state and local governments and the recommendations made by the CDC. The safety and well being of our families is our number one priority.

Precautionary Mark of Excellence National Talent Competition, LLC Safety Policies are subject to change as CDC and State Guidelines/restrictions are revised.

Masks will be required for all dancers, attendees as well as the Mark of Excellence staff. During performance on stage, dancers may remove masks at the discretion of the Studio Director. Masks will not be provided.

TEMPERATURE CHECKS: All Mark of Excellence staff will have temperature checked daily. We ask that Studio Directors be responsible to screen all dancers and instructors.

HEALTH ISSUES: We ask that any attendees experiencing flu-like symptoms not attend, nor with compromised immunity or underlying health issues.

SCHEDULE: All scheduling will be done in a BLOCK format. Each studio will be assigned specific time slots for all their dancers to perform their routines. Potential live streaming may be available.

LIMITING CAPACITY AND SEATING: We may limit the number of people allowed in the space per CDC Guidelines and State Restrictions. We will adhere to all governmental regulations with social distancing.

WATER STATIONS: Attendees including dancers should provide their own bottled water.

MAIN STAGE: Only active performers in a routine will be backstage with one adult teacher. Mark of Excellence staff members will assist. No other spectators permitted. We will follow all CDC & State Government regulations.

PROPS: Prop handlers are permitted backstage and must always wear a mask/face covering. Props must be handled solely by the studio handlers. No Mark of Excellence staff are permitted to assist. Props cannot be stored backstage.

HANDWASHING: All attendees and Mark of Excellence staff should clean their hands multiple times throughout the day as recommended by the CDC which recommends this as one of the best practices to avoid transmission of viruses. When available, multiple hand sanitizing stations will be at the venue.

DRESSING SPACE: Mark of Excellence assigns dressing room space by Studio with appropriate social distancing. Please limit family members inside your studio dressing space.

COSTUMES: No scoring deductions will be given for any costume modifications (which includes mask/face shields, gloves, or any protective garment) or choreography to accommodate social distancing.

CLEANING: There will be frequent disinfection of the stage, backstage area, seating areas, common areas and dressing space after each studio block.

DOORS AND DIRECTIONS: Mark of Excellence will attempt to provide floor markers along with taped lines as to keep traffic flow and ample space through the facility as well as directional entrance and exit doors.

AWARDS: Adjudication Awards should be physically picked up by the Director or Studio representative at the conclusion of the studio’s awards scheduled block of time.  All Final Results will be posted to the Mark of Excellence website.

EVENT RELEASE FORM: As in the past All attendees and Legal Guardians of participants will be required to sign an Event Release Form prior to attending a competition hosted/sponsored/produced by Mark of Excellence National Talent Competition.

We are looking forward to seeing all of our Mark of Excellence families and returning to some GREAT and WONDERFUL competitions across the nation!


Signature Randy-LaRon